Why need rules and leaders?

A rule is an authoritative statement of what to do or not to do in a specific situation. It clarifies, demarcates or interprets a law or policy. A rule is a statement that establishes a principle or standard and serves as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct. Those are the definitions for rule in the businessdictionary.com and I could not say better than this.

Personally, I like environments that are governed by a valuable set of rules because this helps me act correctly after I learn the rules. Knowing the rules gives the basics behavior. Following the rules makes you and the others in the same environment feel comfortable. Breaking the rules displease the others and may put you or the others in danger depending on the environment. There are two reasons why people break rules: not knowing the rules or knowingly disobeying the rules. I read in some article that disobeying the rules creates evolution. Is this true? I wonder if this development is created by the people who doesn’t know the rules or the people that disobey the rules. Maybe the growth is not generated by disobeying the rule but because the changes in the environment a rule may get outdated and a better, up to date rule is necessary.

An environment with a solid set of rules advance faster, finds quickly new rules that updates the rule set. While more people know the rule set they realize faster that some rules needs updates or changes. For this I think that the engine of evolution is not disobeying rules, but knows them, following them, discover faster that a rule is outdated or needs improvement. If more people from the same environment follow the rule set they help each others to find the better rule, so the group evolution depends on how many people follow the rule set.

A group that has a neat rule set becomes more efficient and this leads to innovation. Humans are different, there are social and cultural differences, rules helps us having common grounds of behavior, ensure no one is mistreated, offended or misunderstood and this is the base for a better communication and a good group spirit.

Increased level of communication within group members means people get more efficient in getting things done. Efficiency leads to innovation; I say this again to draw attention to the spiral of growing that is the fundament of human evolution.

Based on those said above, how to create a rule set that helps a group in certain environment to progress faster? How to make sure that you have as much people as possible to know the rules? How do you find out that a rule is outdated or need changes? Those are the questions in my head that made me think to the need of leaders. A good leader need to know this, must be able to create this rule set, endorse it, keep it up to date. Groups are not governed by leaders are governed by rules that leaders are able to create. Being a good leader is about being able to create that rule set to accommodate most people in your group if not everyone.

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The education background and social work abilities of a programmer.

During my work experience within different teams and environments I found a bit more complicated to integrate, work or coordinate Romanian teams of programmers. This comes more contrasting with the fact that I native speak the same language, I have the same culture background, schools and education.

The events that had happened not very long time ago into my life, taught and made me understand that we humans must enroll in a process of continuous improvement since the day we are born and until the last day we shall live. When I find out that our life should be a perpetual strives to learn new things, a question stroke me: why did I learn this thing kind of late, why not in the spring of my existence? I went back to evaluate my kinder-garden as much I could remember, primary school, elementary school, high school and college trying to remember if at least one teacher told us about this, that we should keep the process of continuous learning present into our daily existence. None, I could not remember such teaching, instead I remembered that, as much I was in any kind of school, that we were evaluated as good or bad, of course with different grades, but generally we were forming two sides “good ones” students and “bad ones” students. Most of the students from the “good ones” are now programmers, software developers, software engineers and I discovered that most of them, yet have not found that they should never stop learning. Most of the  coworkers I had may be characterized by strong memories of how good they were in some kind of school and most of them have a perception that because they have been in the “good one” group at some point of their existence, they are “good” at everything else. With this “flaw in the system”, the learning environment created generations of “stop-learners” after they finished the last school they have had finished.

What if the “good ones” would have continued to keep learning, where would they have been now? Why not stop creating sides with students and start evaluating the real capacity of people to learn, why not stimulate this in students the need of the continuous learning?

Having those thought said about learning system, I suspect that the increased difficulty of working within Romanian teams is hatched by this. Self sufficiency of the Romanian programmer made him a tiny bit arrogant, defective and this affect his communication abilities. The human behind the programmer is not capable of evaluating his skills and abilities because he was never taught how to do that, he only know that is the “good one”.

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Error: The type “interface” does not have an accessible constructor.

Error: The type Interface does not have an accessible constructor.

Using Unity 3, after upgrading from Microsoft.Microsoft.Practices.Unity, version 2.1.505.0, I ran into the above error. It used to work perfect before upgrade, but after I start getting this error. After hours am internet searching and no answers found, it looks like having two public class UnityConfig defined over two assemblies creates two different containers.

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Hello world!

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